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I am a Munich-based artist, art pedagogue and curator of Armenian origin who appreciates life and tries to infect others with it. I strongly believe in the power of interdisciplinary networking and creative collaboration. As I share this enthusiasm for cultural exchange with other creators, in 2020 we founded the social-cultural platform G.Urban ( between Munich and Armenia, which promotes joint international projects in both countries.As a site-specific artist, I am fond of dealing with spaces, time and memories artistically: especially with the sound memories of specific places, people, feelings and events. They appear as a link between the past, the future and where we currently stand.

I was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1995. After graduating from school, I moved to Munich in 2014 for further studies. In 2015 I started art education double studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and LMU Munich. In addition to my artistic and curatorial projects, since 2017 I have been leading art workshop Refugio: groups for the children in the refugee camps in Munich.

In 2020 we founded the social-cultural NGO G.URBAN with other artists from Munich and Gyumri/Armenia to promote the exchange between young Armenian, German and international artists through joint projects. Since then, three major projects have been realized: "Ground Art Fest" in Gyumri, the residency program "M A R D S" in Munich and "Artworks For Peace".